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Selcote Ultra

the natural choice to boost selenium levels.


TWK Agri, the new home of Selcote Ultra, selenium granules.
Selcote Ultra - The Natural Choice

About Selenium

Selenium is an important trace element, and is required by animals and humans in minimal amounts. 


Selenium is required for wool growth, sperm mobility, embryo development and for an efficient antibody response against diseases such as mastitis. Selenium along with Vitamin E are important antioxidants and help prevent tissue damage.

The Importance of Selenium

Selenium is an essential micro element in humans and animals (also thought to be essential in plants).  It is required for the production of selenoproteins which are essential in fertility/reproduction.

Source of Selenium

The natural source of Se is through the food. The food Se level is dependant on the soil Se status. Soil Se levels <300 ppb would be severely deficient.