The Product

Selcote Ultra - The Natural Choice
  • 1% w/w Selenium granule for direct application to pasture & fodder crops.

  • Contains both fast & slow release forms of Se (Selenium).

  • Protected by a coat it is safe & convenient to handle. 10 times recommended rate safety margin.



How it works
  • The Se released from the granule is taken up by the plant & converted to an organic form of selenium (selenomethionine) in the plant.

  • Selenomethionine converted to selenocysteine in the rumen & finally used to produce selenoproteins.

  • The organic form of selenium is absorbed up to seven times more effectively than inorganic selenium.

Season long supplementation
  • Selcote has a fast & slow release form of selenium.

  • Fast release Selenium provides a rapid boost in pasture Se levels which is available to stock within days of application.

  • Slow release Selenium provides sustained pasture Selenium levels for 12 to 24 months - check application rates and farm types.

Convenience & Safety
  • No stock handling, no injections, no stress to animals.

  • One application to pasture & fodder crops per year covers all classes of animals using home grown feed.

  • Safe to handle & safe as a source of Se for livestock.

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Fertilization Programme
  • Application rate:

  • Marginally deficient – 0.5 kg/ha per annum.

  • Moderately deficient – 1.0 kg/ha per annum.

  • Severely deficient – 1.5 kg/ha per annum.


  • Timing:

  • Summer pasture – Spring.

  • Annual ryegrass – At planting.

  • Perennial ryegrass – Autumn.

  • Forage crops – At planting.


  • Method:

  • Mix with fertilizer.

A Cost Comparison
  1. Short acting injection: R22/500kg cow (effective for 3-6 weeks).

  2. Long acting injection: R21/500kg cow (effective for up to 6 weeks).

  3. Organic selenium via feed: R54/cow over a 300 day lactation.

  4. Selcote Ultra: R18.75/cow per annum at a SR of 4 cows/ha.


Methods 1-3 cover selected animals, whereas 4 covers all animals grazing the farm.