The Importance of Selenium


The Importance of Se
  • Se is an essential micro element in humans & animals (also thought to be essential in plants).

  • Required for the production of selenoproteins.

  • GEx is an example - antioxidant enzyme preventing damage to cell membranes.

The Importance of Se
  • Selenoproteins are associated with Thyroid function, which affects animal growth.

  • Selenoproteins are essential in fertility/reproduction.

  • Selenoproteins are an essential part of the immune system assisting in the suppression of clinical and sub-clinical disease, and the overcoming of production stress (cold tolerance, poor feed level).

Deficiency Symptoms

Common deficiency symptoms in Livestock:

  • White muscle disease in calves & lambs.

  • Infertility – conception, sperm mobility, retained placentas, abortions.

  • Performance – poor live weight gains; poor meat, wool & milk production.

  • Disease susceptibility – mastitis, high SCC.

Selenium in Human Health
  • 200ug per day for 10 years.

  • 63% reduction in prostate cancer (90% in group with lowest Se levels <106ug/L).

  • 58% reduction in bowel cancer.

  • 46% reduction in lung cancer.

  • 50% reduction in cancer mortality.