About Selenium


The Importance of Selenium (Se)
  • Se is an essential micro element in humans and animals (also thought to be essential in plants).

Source of Selenium?
  • The natural source of Se is through the food.  The food Se level is dependant on the soil Se status.

Selenium Supplementation
  • The first step is to have the herd tested for blood Se levels to establish the level of sufficiency.

  • Only a sample number of animals need to be tested – 2 animals from each category (eg. dry, early lactation, heifers etc.)

  • Repeat the test annually, at least, to monitor Se levels.

  • Avoid over-supplementation by a variety of methods.

  • An annual application of Selcote Ultra will provide a base level of Se supply to all stock; other methods should only be used for strategic purposes.

Methods of Supplementing Se
  • Injection: short acting (3-6 weeks).

  • Added to the concentrate feed.

  • Fertilizing the pasture.

  • The time Se stays in an animal’s system cannot be proven accurately at this stage. The rule of thumb is that Se stays in an animal’s system for approximately 6 weeks after injection.  Be advised to inject animals up to 3 times per year; one month before breeding, calving and weaning.